David Annis, Ph.D.  

SportsQuant 2010 College Football Rankings

SportsQuant has computed the 2010 rankings based on our proprietary algorithm that allows comparisons among teams that do not play one another directly. 

As anyone familiar with Sports knows, beating the team that beat the team that you are about to play does not insure that you will win, any more than playing a team you beat earlier in the season assures you a win against them in the next contest.  All this makes ranking teams difficult. 

Our methods are based on team strengths (both offensive and defensive) by choosing strength values that maximize the likelihood (i.e., probability) that the season turned out the way it did.  We base our bowl prediction on these strengths, and other factors, like home field advantage.

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- David Annis, Ph.D.
Purdue, 2003
(Mathematical Statistics)