David Annis, Ph.D.  

SportsQuant in the News

Our other commitments place considerable demands on our time and so these news items have become somewhat dated.  Nonetheless, please visit us again soon to see what's new!

The Wall Street Journal talked to us about the 2010 National Championship game, that we (unsuccessfully) predicted a Texas win.  The Texas QB was out early with a broken leg - something that we had not factored in to our prognostication.

We were cited in a article in the September/October, 2008 of Contingencies discussing fourth down strategy.

Our October 13 rankings were featured in the October 17, 2007 edition of the Charlotte Observer (again, saved for posterity).

Our rankings (and a rather flattering profile) were printed in the October 18, 2006 edition of the Charlotte Observer.  Learning from our previous mistake, we made sure to save a copy before the paper archived it.

Our rankings were mentioned in the November 18, 2005 Kansas City Star. Until recently you could read about them at the newspaper's website, but News isn't news if it's old, and the article has been relegated to their archives.